The Market of certified products Halal is immense. It includes 1,8 billion Muslims in the world living at 112 countries and , many other non Muslims, they choose to eat certified products with this quality.
    Now, there are 9 million Muslims approximately living in north America, besides, 20 million in Europe, 300 million in Africa, 200 million in Middle east and 800 million in Asia.
    The global market of products Halal has an estimated value of 2, 1 trillion. The products in potential for this market include food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, products in leather, as well as, services.
    It is waited that the consumption of these products increases considerably with the increase of the Islamic population in the world.
    Now, the largest consumer market of products Halal is in the southeast and in the west of Asia. Traditionally, most of the products Halal are formed of foods.
    The consumers usually associated it with the inspection of component ingredients of the food, storage form and strict observance of the hygiene norms and sanitary procedures of the procedure.
    Now only in the area of foods a market of usd 150 billion is esteemed.
    The demand for foods Halal is increasing among the Muslims due to theirs compulsory nature of just consuming this type food.